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the past 50 years. today america has its first black president. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear -- >> and african americans do routinely hold top posts like secretary of state, attorney general, national security advisor. top corporations like merck, american express, mcdonald's and xerox have had or have now black ceo's. oprah winfrey is america's second black billionaire, following in the footsteps of publishing mogul robert l johnson. african americans are among the country's top sports stars and celebrities in fields one restricted by racing, swelling the ranks of black millionaires. yet in other ways america is far from king's dream. racial divides persist in income, educational achievement, and poverty. question, are we less conscious of race today than in 1963, more conscious of race today, or are things about the same? pat buchanan. >> i think we're probably more conscious right now, john, but i was at the march on washington. i was up there in the lincoln memorial when dr. king gave that address. and it was a moment really when the cresting of the civil rights movement,
, the sharpest minds, best sources, hardest talk. >> issue one, labor pains. much of president obama's focus has been on the middle class and quote/unquote, better bargain. in terms of education, living standards and most notably, jobs. president obama chose an warehouse as his venue. amazon announced it was adding 5,000 new workers to its company. >> should be doing everything we can to create more jobs with good pay. >> how good are the jobs at amazon warehouses? many are temporary and conditions are harsh. the pay is $11 an hour. >> the white house was asked prior to the visit, whether these were the kinds of jobs the president wanted to create. the director of the white house national economic council, responded for the president, quote, we should not denigrate any job or any work. people work at different jobs throughout their lives. families piece together, sometimes two, to have a degree of middle class security. >> was an amazon warehouse venue the proper chase? >> pat? >> it has moved from a production economy to a service economy. service jobs pay far less than the old manuf
for coming on the program. >> thank you. >> chief market strategist. >>> president obama hosting a meeting with the national security team at the white house to discuss the deadly unrest in egypt and review the 1.5 billion in u.s. annual aid aide that goes to the military. earlier a white house spokesperson had to refute that the u.s. cut off aid to cairo. >>> another day, another investigation into jp morgan chase. this time the justice department is looking into allegations that bank employees manipulated u.s. energy markets. last month the bank agreed to pay $410 million to settle charges from the federal agency regulatory commission it ma nip laled markets in california and the midwest but never admitted wrongdoing as part of the settlement. that prompted the u.s. attorney in new york's southern district to look at the company's energy practices for civil or criminal charges. >>> a passing grade for a for profit provider. the federal department of education shows the company remains financially sound enough to participate in student aid programs without any other qualifications. shares
, voters important to barack obama, voting right issues to latinos, african-americans. she's hitting all the right buttons here. to watch this event it was interesting because she even -- her people were looking at who was in the audience. newsome was in there to watch the speech. shows she got the figures out there and the people out there looking at who she needs to contact, i think, for future run. >> clearly she's got a lot of women excited. forget the process of the first female president. however, women were excited in '08 and she lost that time to barack obama. is she taking a page out of the obama playbook this time? she's going after the millenials, trying to lay down her social media very early. >> absolutely. here's the difference. i talked to a lot of people in silicon valley about hillary clinton. about a year ago no she may be old news, now they are saying look we're on board with her. she's got to get the same bright young people that obama had to run that campaign. none of the old guard. the people that failed her the last time around. this has to be a new campaign with a
tonight on "nightly business report" for tuesday, august 6th. >>> good evening everyone. president obama taking aim today at boosting homeownership by proposing an overhaul of the massive mortgage market. his targets, long-term political hot potatoes. diana olick joins us from washington with more on what all this might mean. >> reporter: suzy, it should come as no surprise mortgage is front and center, as interest rates are rising, credit is the last barrier to full housing recovery. >> our housing market is beginning to heal. >> reporter: president obama returned to arizona, one of the hardest hit states in the housing crash four years after using this dessert backdrop. >> we got to turn the badpage o the bubble and bust. we need a housing system durable and fair and rewards responsibility for generations to come. >> reporter: it's reforming the nation's 10 trillion dollar mortgage market making it easier for home buyers and putting capital at the center of housing finance ask pulling government out. that means a gradual wind down of giants fannie mae and freddy mac, which together wit
. and all of a sudden, everyone is working together. i mean, you had rhetoric of president obama, you know, criticizing bp. you had bp saying, "oh no, we're going to make this right." you had republicans saying, "oh, the president should be doing more." so you had this tv sort of debate, the same noise you would see in any other story juxtaposed with these terrible oil-soaked pelican pictures from the gulf, when in fact the city is just reaping this bounty. >> you say bp, british petroleum, put together a beltway dream team that included republican super lobbyists like ken duberstein, democratic super lobbyist tony podesta, former vice president cheney's one time spokeswoman anne womack-kolton, republican flacks like john feehery and democratic flacks like steve mcmahon and mcmahon's business partner, the republican media guru alex castellanos, who's a contributor to cnn. >> yes. mcmahon is on msnbc so it's very bipartisan that way too. >> and mcmahon, the democrat and castellanos the republican are partners in a firm called purple strategies. bp hires them to spearhead this lion televisi
powerful part of the film. sitting through the film with an audience, i know what it felt like. mrs. obama talked about it when we had a screening at the white house, how excruciating that scene was, and how she wanted young people to see how far we've come and to realize that we're not there yet. i think it's more than just racial discrimination. i think it's discrimination of all kinds - religious, ethnic. i think we need to do a better job. tavis: yeah. i know, given your stature, it's not about you going to the white house. there are presidents who wanted to meet you when they come out this way. but i am curious as to whether or not there was - this represented a moment for you to be in the white house with a black first family with a movie being screened with this subject matter. >> i'm so over thinking of him as a black president. i think of him as our president, wrestling with so many daunting issues and problems. i was delighted to be there. one of the things that was important in that visit is that mrs. robinson was there with a number of jackie robinson scholarship recipients fro
the architect behind the obama campaign's skillful organizing of students and volunteers. today, marshall ganz is a founder of the leading change network, a global community of organizers, educators and researchers mobilizing for democracy. you'll find more of his experience and philosophy in this book, "why david sometimes wins" marshall ganz, it's good to meet you. >> marshall ganz: it's good to meet you, bill. >> bill moyers: stories have been a powerful part of your life. where did that come from? why stories? >> marshall ganz: first of all, i grew up in stories. my father's a rabbi. and i grew up with the exodus story as a child. and i was always puzzled by the fact that, you know, they said that at a certain point you were slaves in egypt. i'd never been a slave or been to egypt, they'd say to the children. and, but then i came to realize that what it meant was the story really wasn't the property of one people, time, or place. and then out to the farm workers. and we're in the religious narrative. i mean, one of my first assignments in the farm workers was to organize a march from delan
obama to cancel annual joint u.s. egyptian militarexercises scheduled for next month. mr. obama, however, did not propose spending the $1.5 billion to the egyptian government for rupturing the u.s. egyptian partnership. and they are at an all-time high in egypt. pro democracy forces are still angry at president obama and the former secretary of state hillary clinton for their initial backing for the former president. mubarak. this is followed by mr. obama's swift and embrace, whom the pro democracy forces blame, for trying to hijack their democratic resolution and to turn it into an islamic republic. and the sentiment was worse for the u.s. ambassador that is now being withdrawn, denouncing the tactics of the forces. and the supporters for their part, they blame the u.s. for secretly blasting them the ongoing support for the government. and the danger now is that the u.s., they have limited leverage at the time of the rising tensions. tensions that could lead to the prolong strikes between the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian government. >> and question on friday, the official death t
and more than 4,000 injured, most supporters of the ousted president mohamed morsi. president obama interrupted his family vacation in massachusetts to condemn the slaughter and cancel plans for upcoming military exercises with the egyptian army, which washington helps fund to the tune of more than a billion dollars in annual aid. >> our traditional corporation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights being rolled back. as a result, this morning we notified the egyptian government that we're cancelling our by-annual military exercise. >> reporter: taking place with supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi and security forces. the latest attack on a military check point killed at least seven soldiers, and also the muslim brotherhood making it clear this is just the beginning. they will not back down and rise again. they are planning a million-man march for friday. security forces on their side aren't taking chances. they are aught riceed to use deadly force if necessary. a cure few is in effect and traffic is dying down in the background
cannot even get traction in washington talking about poverty. president barack obama and the members of congress, both the left and the right -- everybody has to it knowledge that they spend so much more time in washington talking about the middle class, they are obsessed, but we cannot get a conversation about poverty. why is that? >> you said it. it is a political sort of poll tested way to try to get that extra are centage point in terms of public opinion. that priorgs political leaders did, and certainly our civil rights leaders did, was they went against public opinion. they really said this is the morally right inc. to do, and we need to move the country in that direction. unfortunately, that type of leadership we don't see today. this president campaigned on raising the minimum wage. at one point, he was for raising it to even a higher level than he has suggested of late that he wants to raise it to. why is he negotiating against himself? why can't politicians understand that americans are hurting, that we need a living wage, not a minimum wage? >> that is really an important
>> there are a lot of , ande who hear that story even president obama is telling tot story, but i am trying see where the willpower is to actually push the president on issues. to get a sense of how we take what you said and put them into action to actually push them. >> we have an obligation. we have an obligation to make some noise. me a sense of how it feels to sit in this body. how does it feel for you? do you ever forget about it, or are you reminded here is a body you are protesting to do more, and now use it in this body? i have to do the best i can every day and our to make a contribution. i think if the climate and the thinknment -- sometimes i i'm a why must we travel down the same road again? will we ever learn? >> that is a damning indictment it is easierit han to get public policy past. do,ou knew what you had to but i think people and individuals that wake up in the what can i do to bring someone down rather than what can i do to help someone? what can i do to stop spending so much on bombs and guns rather than spending resources on lifting the lives of people, and proving the condition
about who will be the fed chairman n. 2009 whether president obama would reappoint ben bernanke and then who would succeed. this year who will replace fed chairman ben bernanke and there is two leading candidates. janet yellen and the economic advisors. both have plus and minuses, the lead candidate thought to be larry summers. the fed chairman won't be attending. other top fed officials will be here like bill dudly, the president of the new york fed, jim from st. louis and john williams from san francisco along with christine la garza head of the imf and central bankers from around the world. big top picks will be whether quantitative easing will be working and if not, what the federal reserve should do instead. is the strategy adequate? the conference beginning tomorrow night with a dinner and academic papers and discussion over the next two days and i think one of the things i'll listen for is whether or not the federal reserve believes the economy is strong enough to reduce the stimulus as soon as september or whether or not that will happen later. for "nightly business repo
whitman promised to push into smart phones and get more ammobitiousn tablets. >>> president obama in buffalo, new york today unveiling a sweeping new plan for rating the nation's colleges. the idea to evaluate schools on a host of met tricks with the goal of linking them to the amount of federal financial aids students at those schools receive. john joins us now from the white house with more on all of this. so john, let's start by asking what criteria is the administration going to be using when they rate the schools? >> reporter: they will be looking at things like graduation rates, how fast people graduate, what kinds of jobs they get after they graduate. and of course, also the tuition rates. administration is trying to push down the core inflation rate of college cost. this isn't about putting more aid in the hands of students but taking the aid out there, $150 million a year and using that as a lever to get colleges to try new things, online courses, other strategies to get costs down and they will need some help from congress to do it. >> i suspect, john, a lot of schools w
with this under obama >> i was a student during the , and for some reason i felt it was necessary to .ecome a philosopher there were more crises of humanity. what can we do? were we just interested in jobs so we can become materialists, or did we value human values. i think the understanding we have to build our souls and not just the economy is going among the people, and the world needs that. tavis: this is why i love you so much. you mentioned fdr and a philip randolph and the work they did together. this week marks the 50th anniversary of the big march in detroit. you can read this online these days. speechous i have a dream , we celebrate 50 years this coming august. before king got to washington to deliver this speech, he went to detroit. it was in destroyed he worked it out. he used it as a testing ground. first in detroit. grace lee boggs was in the audience. >> i was an organizer. rex she was an organizer when dr. king came to detroit. 100,000 people. >> 2000 people. tavis: -- 200,000 people. tavis: i am only 48, but your memory is better than mine. >> the alabama christian movemen
. ande was the president china and obama's and clinton's. .here was barbra streisand playing the song was the thrill of a lifetime. done about 100 shows in five years. you have done 20 of those. >> it is show business. when you meet someone and say, we should do something together, sometimes it turns into lunch. she has done 100 live concerts, and i have got to tell you, she is really in. iconic. she does not use auto tuning. she stamped with an orchestra behind her. there are no background dancers behind her. when you have barbra streisand you do not need that. singing, and people are weeping. the place fork is that cosmopolitanism, that .ulture how does being in l.a. versus new york impact your craft? new york is new york. >> i am super lucky. i have been on a 300 day world tour. play the most is probably new york. i am going to lay in october, and then we go black to -- we go back to the blue note. i love the atmosphere of the city, and i love being in both places. i think when you reach a certain level you become an international act. scene, they let me play one night a year, and
president obama intervenes. >>> a huge fine to tell you about from one of the nation's largest banks. citi group will pay a $590 million dollar settlement accused of hides tens of thousands of bad mortgage securities. the shareholder lawsuit sited citi group's $27 billion on losses in 2008 after shares went from $48 a share in 2007 to under $3 a share by 2009. >>> a historic victory for wall street regulators today in the first big civil fraud case tied at the 2008 financial crisis. a trader find liable in six out of seven counts in a fraud case. marry thompson was in the courtroom and they are criticized the fcc for not being tough enough and others for striking out in high-profile cases like this. what this z this victory mean? >> reporter: it's a big win for the fcc. lawyers say this will bolden the agency to be aggressive in the future and go after entities and suing claims. basically, since the financial crisis, three of the fcc's cases have gone to trial. it's score card is essentially one loss, one split and today's victory and this would give the scc i guess you could say swagger t
closed doors. president obama meets privately with the country's most powerful financial regulators to discuss the new rules that will govern the country's biggest banks. >>> going gangbusters, 900% in nine years to the day. that's how much google has returned since going public. it dominates search, and seizing the smartphone market. but is the stock atop of many mutual funds, a good buy for the next nine. >>> attention shoppers, are you willing to give up privacy for a good deal? we have all that and more on this monday, august 19th. >>> good evening, everyone. welcome. his vacation over, president obama got back to work today, and he wasted no time tackling a topic of high interest to investors, not to mention financial services executives. at a closed-door white house meeting he sat down with the nation's top financial regulators to get a progress report on how the government is implementing the dodd/frank law. it covers wall street and the nation's largest banks. john harwood joins us from the white house with details on who attended today's meeting, and why it was necessary. j
have of them or shop owners have of them or as president obama said, the doors that lock as they walk by. that's a very different life that they lead than, say, a latina female. her issues that land her at the bottom of the achievement gap are very different. so looking at this, what they call targeted universalism, is trying to identify the needs of these kids. so it's jobs. it's confidence. it's mentors. it's role models. it's father of coursefigures. giving them those things that they need as african-american males is what the district is trying to do now and that is very different than the no child left behind approach of, okay, just throw money at everyone at the bottom of the achievement gap and see what happens. >> let me ask you about that. for people who look at black boys in particular and feel like they basically are staring frankly into a black hole, they have absolutely no idea what the cultural issues are, no idea where to begin in terms of rendering help, what have you found, if you had one key for everyone who has to deal with african-american boys on any level to brea
that this president, a beneficiary of all of the sacrifice and struggle, president obama has benefited from that, and he has talked less about race than any president in recent memory, and the study details what other presidents have had to say about race, and he has had less to say about it than others, including republicans. is him being black in itself making a statement? i ask because you, one, have done the work, and, two, you have had occasion to be there. he has talked less about race than any present -- president in recent memory. >> first, it does not surprise me, and that does not mean that other presidents have talked much about race, because they avoid it. he is smart. he knows that an awful lot of people voted for him as a black president because they felt they were ready to make a racial change only on their terms, and if he talks about race, they get upset. all he has to do is mention -- trayvon martin, people go ballistic. it still drives our politics, our voting patterns. it is still an important barometer of politics in the united states, but for that very reason, it is a gatew
of apple, apple got an assist from washington today, president obama overturned an order from the u.s. international trade commission banning imports of older iphones and ipads, which the agency said violated samsung patents. the ban would have begun today. the u.s. trade representatives says the veto was based on considerations that could have an effect on competitive conditions in the u.s. economy and their effect on the u.s. consumer. the last time a president overturned a trade ban, ronald reagan back in 1987, a case involving samsung. >>> jet blue's days as a coach only carrier are numbered, the airline is changing course, going after the first class flyer. will it pay off? first, let's take a look at how the international markets closed today. >>> european authorities have signed off on usairways, proposed merger with american airlines american parent company. as expected the approval comes on the condition that american eagle give up one slot at london's heathrow airport. the combination would create the world's biggest airline and must be approved by a federal judge before a
less competitive. >>> freddy mac, the taxpayer controlled company and president obama and several others would like to unwind, the second largest quarterly profit in the history. the firm earned $5 billion. followed by higher loan fees. they will make a dividend payment to the u.s. treasury on more than $4 billion 6789 4 bil. >>> jp morgan and glen core are the latest companies to be accused of artificially inflating aluminum prices. it was filed on behalf of master screens, a direct purchaser and individual who is described as a buyer of beverages sold in aluminum cans. >>> according to a report yesterday from the center for disease control the obesity rate among low-income preschooler social securis is falling. it went from $74 billion in 199 8 to $147 billion. this study could have important economic implications. >> reporter: the centers for disease control tracked the height and weight of nearly 12 million low income 2 to 4-year-olds. between 2008 and 2011 obesity rates stayed the same or decreased in 40 states and territories and only went up slightly in three. for weight ma
to the government, why is it president obama the other day wants to phase out fanny and fredy. >> the profitability means nothing to the administration because administration believes government should get out of the mortgage market, that there should be some limited back stuff but private capital back into the mortgage market and fanny, freddy and the fha back more than 90% of the loans made and that's just not the way the market should be or according to the administration. they want to phase it out. it will take time but they don't want to be in the situation in 2009 when the government did have to bailout the mortgage market. >> dianna, this congress has not gotten much down on important issues. will it get this done and reform mortgage finance? >> i can't answer that. there is one very strong bill on the hill right now, the corker warner bill the president seems to have not exactly endorsed that bill but the things he's putting forth are similar to what is in that bill and that's why you saw him this week in phoenix making the push again because this fall would be the time, the make it or brea
obama spent the afternoon addressing a number of issues important to both business and the american people. from healthcare to the fed, to the government surveillance program. >>> donnie brooke in isle six, the battle between j.c. penney, the ceo and shareholders in public. is this war fair ever good for shareholders. >>> bringing jobs home. more companies are moving overseas operations back to the u.s. but not just workers benefit. who else is reaping the rewards as we wrap up the series made in america. all that and more tonight on "nightly business report" for friday, august 9th. >>> and good evening everyone and welcome. i'm tyler mathisen along with sue herrera. susie gharib has the night off. in a far-reaching press conference today, the first in three months, to took questions and gave answers on top picks critically important to american business. he tackled healthcare reform and the possibility of a government shut down to immigration, privacy and whom he might choose as the next chairman of the federal reserve. >> good evening, tyler, the president addressed a series of is
noting how far the nation has come for equality to all and how far we have to go. president obama spoke from the very same spot where dr. king spoke those unforgettable words on the struggle for civil rights half a century ago. >> but we would dishonor those heroes, as well, to suggest that the work of this nation is somehow complete. the universal may bend towards justice, but it doesn't bend on it's own. to secure the gains this country has made requires constant vigilance. >> i can't believe it's been 50 years. >> i was reading the speech today. gives you chills. >> it does. >> that's "nightly business report" for tonight. i'm susie gharib, thanks for watching. >> i'm bill griffeth. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. >>> "nightly business report" has been brought to you by. >> sailing through the heart of historic cities and landscapes on a river, you get close to iconic landmarks, to local life, to cultural treasures, viking river cruises, exploring the world in comfort. >>> hello and welcome to "this is us." i'm dr. reed. this week we're in santa cruz at freedom forge, the stud
in the minimum wage that president obama proposed in his state of the union message, they will still be faring less well than their counterparts did 50 years ago. >> that's right. >> what does that say to you? >> the peak for the minimum wage in terms of its real purchasing power was 1968. it's been basically declining with a couple of ups and downs ever since. so, that if you adjust for the current price, the minimum wage was about $10.50 roughly, back in 1968 in terms of what it could buy. and it's $7.25 today in terms of what it can buy. so, you've taken the folks at the bottom, the people who work hard, full-time jobs, and you've made their economic condition worse over a 50-year period, while wealth has accumulated at the top. what kind of a society does this? and then the arguments have come out, which are in my profession, a major staple for many careers, are arguments that, "gee, if you raise the minimum wage, a few people who might've otherwise gotten a job won't get it because the employer doesn't want to pay the higher wage." well, if that logic is really going to play in your mind,
human services. running. president obama has an anti-trafficking initiative heave is pushing nationwide. the kids who were already vulnerable are targeted by pimps. these are kids who may not have enough to eat. they didn't have a stable environment. shear promi they're promised stability and love they can't get. get lured on to the street. so-called boyfriend. and get stuck. a lot off dikts. this is a very hard population to serve. they're angry. -- a lot of addiction. this is a very hard population to serve. they're angry. addicted. prematurely sexualized. doesn't have stability in their family. >> go to the criminal justice, they get centered again. >> the legislation that would change the way the victims are helped dealt with. right now if you treat them like criminals and go to jail. bah the entry age is 12. that's not acknowledging the fact that they're children. they're of the age of consent. senator yi's proposal, legislation, its to treat them as victims and make sure that -- that legally as well -- and there was a number of services. on the fbi bust, this weekend, got to ask.
to getting any kind of waiver from the federal government, from the obama administration. so these districts basically got together and said, look. we represent 20% of the california population. we are going to create our own system. we are going to now, police ourselves so it isn't the state sort of over them and the federal government over that. but we're going to police ourselves. we're going to judge schools and look at schools, evaluate schools, using all sorts of things. test scores? sure. but also what are parents, teachers and students think of their school? they're going to look at suspension rates. they're going to look at attendance rates. they're going to look at so many different things and the superintendents from the districts say it will be much, much better. but stlae road block they still have to get the union buy-in as well. they didn't have to have it prior to the wave irks but they may -- they will at some point have to stlat in order -- what are unions saying about that at this point? what's the feeling? >> the california teach. association quickly put out a press relea
but with this week's blood bath, president obama cancelled a joint military exercise and defense sec tarpry chuck hagel warned the military that it's putting quote important elements of our long-standing defense corporation at risk. what does it mean to laquid? there is confusion. the sell of 20 planes is worth nearly $800 million and 14 have been delivered. the pentagon says only eight have been delivered and four are in limbo and the sale is worth twice what they say. regardless, for the last two quarters, laquid reported a drop in overall f-16 business as business shifts to the f-35. they believe the u.s. government may end up on the hook for the jets if they don't go to egypt as all foreign military sales have to be brokered by the pentagon. finding another buyer won't be difficult, the question is what price. >>> coming up, this month has not been kind to the overall market but one sector would love the dog days of august to go on forever. first, a check on today 's dow winners and losers. >>> there's news tonight in the seemingly endless battle to take over dell. a judge in delaware ruled a
obama has made clear to the assad regime, that this international norm cannot be violated without consequences. and there is a reason why no matter what you believe about syria, all people in all nations who believe in the cause of our common humanity must stand up to assure there is accountability for the use of chemical weapons, so that it never happens again. >> the market had been trading higher earlier on merger news and in spite of a sharp drop in july, durable goods orders, but those comments by secretary kerry sent the indexes lower and they did close at the lows of the session, the dow fell by 64 points, ending below 15,000 again. the nasdaq was a fraction of a point lower, the s&p 500 was down 6 points. gold the other way, above $1400 an ounce for the first time since june 7th, when it hit that multiyear low of 1180. >>> the biggest of the merger news, one of the largest deals ever in the drug making industry. amgen, the huge biotech company is paying 10 a$10 and a half bin for onyx pharmaceuticals. when completed, the deal will give amgen two new cancer drugs, adding to
. >> reporter: those words, the clearest signal yet perhaps the u.s. will fulfill the promise president obama made when he said the use of chemical weapons would be crossing a red line. at stake for the united states, crude and credibility. the price of oil rising steady in the face of tensions. >> six-month highs because of concerns what is going on. we're what we're closely watching because syria is not a big oil producer, is there violence spilling over to like iraq, opec's second biggest producer that tied that significantly to syria. >> reporter: gold went up hitting an 11-week high. bond prices went up for the same reason, too, pushing interest rates lower. the ten-year yield down. many in the investment community believe military action is inevitable for the u.s. to maintain credibility. >> clearly, if chemical weapons have been used and that's a big if, i believe, the united states has to do something. the president has drawn a line in the sand and for the united states to have credibility, they have to october. >> reporter: if u.s. does not act they think north corkorea a more will b
and welcome. i'm susie gharib. >> and i'm bill griffeth in for tyler tonight. a determined president obama today making the case to justify a u.s. military strike against syria over its use of chemical weapons but no decisions have been made when and how the u.s. will respond, only affirmations no u.s. troops will be sent on the ground. john kerry said administration has evidence the assad regime used chemical weapons that killed more than 1,000 syrians, including hundreds of children. kerry said being war weary does not allow us to turn the other cheek. >> we know after a decade of conflict, the american people are tired of war. believe me, i am, too. but fatigue does not take our responsibility. just longing for peace does not necessarily bring it about. >> with more on the syrian crisis, how it's playing out in washington, and what might happen next, we turn to john harwood. a lot of words out today. what more can we gleam about the timing of a possible strike against syria? basically, what happens now? >> they haven't signalled the timing, susiusie, but it looks e a strong likelihood w
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